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Meet The Team


Kedric Jones


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Rick started as a one-person operation creating original YouTube content.  He built SmashBits Channel to over 1 million subscribers in just 13 months.  Eventually other creators sought services.  By late 2014, Rick gathered a team of animators of up to 200, servicing not only other YouTube creators, but also major producers.


Margaret Orr


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Every production at SmashBits gets the Margaret Orr magic touch. She oversees the creative production team, ensuring that all work produced at SmashBits meets quality standards. She graduated with a BS in Animation from DePaul University in 2012 and an MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2015.


Morgan Bush


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Morgan Bush, a local resident, started as an intern in the summer of 2016. In 3 years, his drive quickly earned him a spot as our in-house screenwriting expert and creative director. He is excited for his new role as VP of Sales & Development - and is equally excited to hop on a call with you.


Gabriel Spangler


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With a firm belief that there are at least three different ways to accomplish anything in animation, Gabriel applies this concept to every project to ensure quality and efficiency. He brings his knowledge to any challenge faced to offer multiple options to complete a project at the highest quality. He received a Bachelor of Media Arts and Animation degree from the Art Institute of Indianapolis in 2015.


Jasmine Lewis


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Jasmine Lewis is a Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD ATL) graduate with a BFA in animation. Hand-drawn animation and cartoons have always been a major influence in her artistic endeavors. She loves simple, appealing characters with bold lines and bright colors. As manager of Animation, she is responsible for overseeing the quality of animation for projects. This includes reviewing freelancer's work, providing critique, and helping to make sure animation stays on schedule. Besides that, she’s awesome at rhythm games and loves to dance.


Katrina Tumasz


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Katrina Tumaz began her journey with Smashbits, as an animator, in January of 2017. As of January of 2019, she operates as SmashBits’ Head of Studio. She oversees the day to day productions, ensuring deadlines are followed, clients are pleased, and budgets are met. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in animation in 2014.

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