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Reactors & Dubbers

SmashBits Animation receives huge support from reactors, dubs, and translations. Because of the nature of certain distribution rights and foreign rights, and the potential for a transfer of such rights in the future, we cannot give official written permission to any reactors, translators, or dubbers. We can, however, give a temporary informal blessing as long as you agree to the following terms:


  1. Only videos on the “official dub-list” may be used for reactions, dubs, and translations.
         No exceptions, whatsoever. Our library of videos is not free for you to pick and choose from.
         You must 100% make sure the video is on the dub list and you MUST WAIT for the email to go out with any new videos.

  2. The only way to get access to the official dub-list is by signing up for our email list below. You will receive an email eventually . . . sometimes they take a month to send out.

  3. Those on the dub-list will receive access to raw video files for easier dubbing. They may even receive early access to such raw files. All reactors  must wait at least 48 hours after the official video goes live. Videos that air before 48 hours may receive a copyright strike without notice.

  4. Dubbers may upload immediately after the main video goes live (but only if the video was emailed out on the official dub list). We will give you all the raw assets early whenever possible so you can go ahead and begin translating. You’ll get audio. The only thing you won’t get is video, which you may simply download from youtube day of, edit and render quickly, and then be the first to upload in your language.

  5. SmashBits does NOT give official permission, license, or distribution to any SmashBits videos. By signing up on the email list, you are NOT receiving official permission to use. This is simply an informal commitment we will not youtube copyright strike your reactions, dubs, or translations without a 48 hour notice.

  6. All SmashBits reactions and translations will be “claimed” by visual content ID. By uploading reactions and translations, you agree you will turn monetization on. SmashBits Animations must receive income through the claimed video. Videos that are not monetized (by us) may be struck without notice. And if we catch it manually . . . we may strike your entire library of our videos for breaking our terms. Check to make sure the video says "claimed" in your Creator Studio. If a SmashBits video for whatever reason does not say "claimed" and/or is not airing youtube ads, please contact the SmashBits representative and let them know asap to ensure your content gets claimed and to avoid a potential copyright strike on your channel. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure the video is both claimed and monetized by us.

  7. There will be no unauthorized re-uploads or compilations. All English speaking re-uploads and compilations will be struck down. Dubs and Reactions most keep episodes separated in their individual form and not compiled together.

  8. You will not use video game music or music ripped from a video game in your dub.  You will either use the music we provide in the original video, OR you will score or license your own music.

  9. SmashBits videos must NEVER be compiled together from their original form. Each episode must remain separate as originally aired on the original video.

  10. You must utilize all ad formats: overlay ads, sponsored cards, skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads, long non-skippable ads. You must use ad breaks before video, after video, and one somewhere in the middle of the video (in videos longer than 10 minutes).

  11. DUBBERS may run sponsored ads and keep the revenue, REACTORS may not. Both Dubbers and reactors do not need to keep sponsored ads in any SmashBits videos that have sponsored ads.

  12. SmashBits reserves the rights to change these terms at any time. We will, however, give any affected videos a 48 hour period before striking such content.

  13. You may report any users breaking these terms to the email address you receive updates from through the email list below.

  14. If you receive a copyright strike from anybody other than SmashBits Animations, you may notify us through the email you get updates from (from the email list below). Somebody on our team may help you navigate the counter.

  15. The on-screen credits at the end MUST stay in the screen credits (not all videos have them). You may either keep our live action endcard or you may make your own live action conclusion. It is suggested that you make your own since YOUR personality is important for YOUR subscribers. If you make your own, you must still have the rolled credits. We will provide a PNG of the credits that absolutely must be on screen in some capacity. The entire PNG credits must scroll through. This is a legal requirement on our side. Not all videos have these credits though. This only applies to videos with rolling credits at the end of the video.

  16. You must have an active paid subscription to epidemic sound on the day you upload.

  17. You must prove to SmashBits you have a paid subscription to epidemic sound.  Prove this by taking a screenshot of an active subscription OR your invoice or whatever. Send the screenshot to You only have to do this one time. It's possible you may already have a subscription through your MCN. Most of our videos use music by Epidemic Sound. If you do not have a paid subscription, your video may get claimed by Epidemic Sound instead of SmashBits. If we ever find one of our videos on your channel claimed by Epidemic Sound (and not us) because you did not have a subscription or had a lapse in subscription, we will strike all SmashBits videos and you will lose dubbing/reacting privileges indefinitely and we will not remove the strike. Our content ID person does not have the time to monitor each video and this is a serious issue of trust. If you do have a subscription, however, and they accidentally strike your video, please let us know (just in case) then contact epidemic sound support who will clear you.

  18. You must use our version of the audio (music/sound). You cannot import music from any other sources. If for whatever reason, one of our videos does not come with the music track, you may only use music from epidemic sound.

  • If you ever receive a copyright strike from us and you want to work with us to remove a strike. First, email us and let us know you received the strike. Please be sure to confirm your desire work together in good faith and express your intent to follow the terms. Second, MAKE SURE you send us the HTML link to the youtube video. It's important you keep the html link on record. Unless we made a mistake on our end, third, you will need to delete the video; not privatize it. We can see internally whether the video was deleted or privatized. Once you delete the video, it's impossible to get the HTML link again, which is why it was important you do step two before step three. Four, We will only remove the strike once you have deleted the video and we see your willingness to follow terms. It takes 2-5 business days for a strike to be retracted. Five, you may re-upload the video assuming you fix whatever issues was causing the video to break terms.

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